Process Analytical Technology

We analyse production processes. We perform scale up and production improvements.

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is one of our tools.

We measure, model and control processes: improved quality and higher productivity.

Process Analytical Technology PAT and Flow chemistry

Continouus manufacturing process control
with in-line and on-line sensors and immediate data analysis and visualization.
We analyse the process, simulate adaptions and changes. Our models are applied for process control: Higher output and improved quality.

Process Analytical Technology

Exploring solutions

Towards a better future
through research

Modeling is a complex task, our goal are simple process models applied through routine process control at the production line.


Revolutionizing process control in pharmaceutical manufacturing

On line process data, analysed with our modeling system delivers unique insight into possible process improvements.


We provide process analysis, scale up, process improvement for pharma & biotech production processes.

Let us talk about your specific requirements and application.

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