Surface functionalization
& structuring

Surface laser

We structure surfaces with various laser systems. The changed topology can be as fine as an optical grating (in the nanometer range) or “larger” in the micrometer range. Such structures manipulate light waves but also liquid flow and wettability of surfaces.

Applications range from improved cell adherence for implants to completely non-wetting surfaces, with extremely low particle and cell adsorption.

Surface functionalization
& structuring


We laser structure surfaces for improved wettability and cell adhesion, or – the opposite: completely non wetting surfaces.

Plus: chemical functionalisation of the structured surface

Surface functionalization
& structuring


We develop tailor made polishing systems and polishing machines for our clients. Chemical polishing or electrochemical polishing are our core competences.
we are specialized with non-standard metals and alloys like Nitinol, Cermets, Inconel, high alloy steels, precious metals alloys.
Contact us to talk about your goal.

Chemical and electrochemical polishing

Hi tech materials

Microwave brain and skin phantoms

Microwave imaging is an upcoming imaging technology, especially for the medical and security sector.

We produce and develop phantoms, with specific transmission and electromagnetic absorbances in the GHz region. They are used to test microwave imaging scanners.

Hi tech materials


Our super-damping soft silicones are tailor made to specific applications.

Applications include sport products, vibration damping for machines and electronics.


pressure sensorics

We have developed this new hand grip sensor to accurately measure position and pressure of all fingers and the hand. Now very detailed studies about the biomechanics of the hand are possible.


Polarized light visual inspection

Visual inspection of production processes, goes beyond normal quality control and particle counting.

Tensions in the container, scratches, abrasion, pressure in the container- all becomes visible. And so, it can be optimized and controlled: transport processes of vials and other transparent containers in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Process Analytical

We analyse production processes. We perform scale up and production improvements.

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is one of our tools.

We measure, model and control processes: improved quality and higher productivity.