We develop tailor made polishing systems and polishing machines for our clients. Chemical polishing or electrochemical polishing are our core competences.
we are specialized with non-standard metals and alloys like Nitinol, Cermets, Inconel, high alloy steels, precious metals alloys.
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Chemical and electrochemical polishing

The surface of the material determines the bulk properties! Polished surfaces improve corrosion resistance, increase mechanical strength, increase durability.

We provide specific polishing systems & machines for our clients.

Chemical polishing and electrochemical polishing are our specialities.

electrochemical polishing, medical device

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We develop the electrochemical or chemical process, design the necesary equipment and build it.
We scale up the technology to full size industrialisation.


The new polishing machines are smart!
We fit our machines with our sensors and control them with our electronic and our software.

We provide integrated solutions. Not only a machine for one single purpose, but a flexible technology which adapts to market needs.

 A Nitinol process today, is changing over to a precious metals tomorrow. No problem, with our machine and process controls.


dental file REM before polishing
Nitinol polishing dental files

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