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New materials and new technologies.

We develop, scale up and industrialize new materials, new processes and technologies.

For our clients. For our own products.

What we do

Innovation - Process Excellence - Business Development

We develop & industrialize innovative materials, products  and technologies.

Surface structuring and polishing projects

Material properties are often dominated by the surface properties.

Laser structuring of surfaces and physical & chemical surface functionalizations.

Polishing with chemical, electrochemical methods and laser polishing.

We structur and functionalize surfaces with physical & chemical methods.

From fluorescence tags to laser synthetic coating of material surfaces.

Superdamping silicone systems

We develop and produce silicones with specific physical properties.

Superdamping silicones

Silicones with specific electromagnetic properties

Microwave brain and skin phantoms

We develop and produce microwave brain and skin phantoms for microwave based imaging.

2 - dimensional scanning pressure sensors

We develop and produce 2 dimensional pressure sensors. We realize dynamic pressure measurements, hand grip measurements in different measuring instruments.

Polarized light visual inspection

Polarized light allows a new quality of visual inspection. 

We offer this (on site or off site) service to overcome production issues especially for sterile fill & finsh in pharmaceutical productions.

We measure directly at the production line or alternatively, on laboratory samples of vials,  injection devices or other transparent systems.

Scale up, technology transfer, process analytical technology

Industrialization of new pharmaceutical products is a huge step.
We support with production scale up (lab to production), technology transfers and profound process analytical technology PAT.

Our developments

A look at our innovative products

We develop  for our clients with the same care as for ourselves.

We produce for our clients with the same care as for ourselves.

One quality system. One development system.

Surface laser structuring

Surface laser structuring changes the topology but may also chenge surface chemistry and surface physics.

2-dimensional pressure sensorics

Our pressure sensoris are equipped with our own electronic and our own software. We adapt for different applications and are ready for virual reality and AI.

About our

Why choose us?

We are passionate about technology and believe that our production processes excel through constant improvements.

We are specialized in complex projects with technology, regulatory and economic challenges.


For more than 10 years we have been building up our experience in the field managing complex projects.


With over 80 completed projects  we bring a wealth of experience to every new challenge.


We have over 40 colleagues. All with a strong background.


We have more than 30 unique product and  technology solutions.